The Land of Hospitality

Everybody likes their country. Not because it’s their, but because every country is unique in it’s own way. Every single one of them has some beautiful places, but also a lot of things that don’t make them proud. USA for example, has a lot of cities and tourist attractions, but it’s not really beloved in the rest of the world.
My homeland is named the land of hospitality.Thousands of tourists from all around the world come to Serbia every year. And what is their first opinion you wonder? Hospitality. And then delicious food, beautiful women, etc. Serbia is one of the most successful countries in the world, sport-wise. FIBA all time rank for Serbia is number 1 (along with fellow success of Former Republic of Yugoslavia). Long story short, Serbia has a lot of things to be proud of.
National capitol, Belgrade is the biggest and historicaly richest city in southern europe. Serbia is the host of the biggest music festival in Europe called EXIT. During the time of the EXIT festival, dozens of thousands of people come to Serbia, and they are all thrilled with Serbian hospitality and generousity.
One of the main problems of Serbia are political nature. Western countries never really liked Serbia, but Serbia didn’t like them neither. Now, Serbia has an European path in front of us, and is not lacking behind by any means. I am proud to be a Serbian.





My former basketball club

My former basketball club is Partizan Belgrade. It is the most succesful and most famous southern european basketball clu.b I am proud of the fact that I was a part of it for past three years. My first year, I played for the under seventeen team, and for the past two years I have played for the under nineteen team. Every year we were the national champions. That is a huge success. Our senior team is national champion for 14 consequtive years now. We were european champions back in 1992. That was our golden age. And then a lot of bad things happened in my country and everything has collapsed. But we have arised very quickly. In our national team, majority of players come from my club. I have experienced the single greatest expirience in my life, approximately half years ago, when I was playing for our senior team. It was a great honor, and a great opportunity to improve my game. And also the feeling when you know that the greatest fans in the world are watching you is unbelieveable. That is my Club. Partizan Belgrade.


My new life

Serbia and America are different. Definitely. I had a rough time getting used to this way of life. Isolated, on the hill, no cities around, NO GIRLS AROUND, no distractions around. I am not saying that this represents america, but it definitely sends a pretty clear image. And I like it. Basketball here is alot different than in Europe. It’s so fast, it makes your head spin. The practise’s are so tough, and heavy, but they are definitely worth it. If you wand a NCAA D1 scholarship, you got to put some sacrifice to it. The school, on the other side, is alot easier than back in Serbia. It’s like a contrast. What we did in Serbia in high school junior year, they will do it in college here. It’s that big of a difference. But it’s good. You learn what you need to learn, not something you won’t use your whole life. And you have more time to devote to your real love – basketball. This is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime, yo! IMG_0034.JPG