My prediction of NBA fandom territories in the next season

Being one of the most popular sport leagues in the country, NBA has a huge fanbase. Not only in the US, but all over the world too. Every single basketball player from every place in the world have his favorite NBA club. My personal favorite is San Antonio Spurs, because of their game system, and maturity they show on the court. It reminds me of basketball that is played back in my homeland.
The Upshot portal gave us an insight into this season’s NBA fanbases located in the US. Some of them are quite impressive, but some don’t even exist. Arguably, the best club in the franchise history, the LA Lakers, without a doubt have the biggest fandom of all clubs in the league. They are followed by the NBA vice-champion, Miami Heat. Occupying the most of the east coast, they are threatening to become the most beloved NBA club, at the moment. But considering the fact that LeBron James has abandoned them, it’s highly doubtful. Having that in mind, the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron’s new-old club, have a big chance of creating a nation-wide fanbase. Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and LeBron James are the new big three – the new moneymakers for the club owners. Having superstars of that calibre, will affect the ticket sales enormously.
The actual NBA champion’s fans, San Antonio Spurs, occupy the southernmost part of the country – southern Texas. But I believe their glory comes with time. You can say that their fanbase ages like wine.
The biggest franchise rivalry – Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, is not so much present now. With the both teams losing their best players in last couple of years – their fanbase has considerably shrank. Celtics’ especially, and Miami Heat is the main reason; they overtook nearly whole east coast.
The best NBA team from the end of the last century – Chicago Bulls still have a large fanbase, considering that they are surrounded by numerous NBA rivals – Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota Timberwolves. With the return of Derrick Rose, they are expected to make a huge expansion fan-wise.
In contrast to the east coast, which has a NBA club in nearly every major city, the west coast is pretty poor. The Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns hold the majority of the fans (with the Lakers excluded)
With all being said, I predict that this season’s fanbase modification will be dramatic. Heat will go down rapidly, Cleveland will pick up most of their fans, White Mamba (Kobe Bryant) is back, so LAL will hold most of it’s “territory”. And the Heat fans from all over the world will probably follow LeBron to Cleveland, bringing them absolute superiority over the other clubs in the league. I look forward to see this year’s NBA fandom map.
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One thought on “My prediction of NBA fandom territories in the next season

  1. I really enjoyed reading about this, not only because I am a NBA fan, but it is interesting to see how they can actually track fan base and popularity. This was a very good post.


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