The Complete low-budget audiophile music system setup

We live in an era of smartphones. They are direct descendants of cell phones. They have evolved greatly. Now, they are primary media players for most of the people. And most of them are not aware of the reproduction quality of those devices. It’s simply put, terrible.
A real audiophile music setup would require thousands of dollars, and a lot of room, especially if you want big box speakers. If you want to get that you would probably want to get a vintage pioneer amplifier, or you could get a new yamaha, Musical Fidelity, Marantz or JoLida amplifier. But you also need a music player. The best sound quality can be played by a high quality gramophone, such as Thorens or Music Hall, or you can get a great CD player. The reason for these vintage solutions is that they offer the best sound quality, lossless quality. And of course you need something to reproduce this on. High quality speakers. I would highly reccomend getting couple of JBL boxes, even vintage ones are more than great. I have a couple myself, so I know what I am talking about. Now, if you live in an apartment, and you can’t make a lot of noise, getting a pair of headphones might be a better solution. Sennheiser, AKG, Audio Technica are leading headphone manufacturers. Sennheiser HD800 are named the best headphones in he world. This solution could cost you up to 30,000$.
Now, thanks to the internet, alot of songs are available for online streaming in lossless quality. One of services that offers that service is TIDAL, which I highly recommend, because of it’s huge music database. So we have a music source. It can be reproduced through any smartphone or tablet, but it’s proven that iPhone and iPad are best sound reproducers in their class. There is a huge market of portable amplifiers at this moment. One of the leading brands is Fiio. It’s a very high quality sound amplifier. Heaphones. There’s a high variety of entry-level audiophile headphones. Sennheiser, AKG, Grado, Audio Technica, Sony, are just some of them. DO NOT BUY BEATS HEADPHONES. They are overpriced, unnatural sounding pieces of …
How to make it work? First, you need to take your smartphone or tablet, and connect it with the amplifier with the 3.5mm two sided cable. Then you plug your headphones into the amplifier. And there you go! A highly portable audiophile music setup. You can take it wherever you wish to, and not need to suffer, or get your ears bleeding due to horrible sound quality.
I understand that a lot of people just don’t care about music. But for you who do, this is a considerable low-cost solution.