Monopoly. A game, or a real thing?

We live in a world of major corporations whose only goal is making money. One of the best examples are oil companies. Most of the alternative energy projects are being stopped or postponed. Why? Because if we could use alternative energy for everything there would be no need for fossil fuels. And that would make major corporations bankrupt. And we don’t want to see the rich guys bankrupt, right? The higher-ups are doing nice job controlling every science project that would help everything and everybody on this planet, except themselves. Selfishness has grown way too big among the human race. We don’t think about the future. We are being entertained with a lot of trivial things, just to keep us away from thinking. That’s why the educational system is so simplistic. They don’t want us asking questions. They don’t want us blowing up their conspiracies. They don’t want us to have the best lives possible. They made up everything hundreds of years ago. They have been cleverly pulling the strings across the world. The monetary system, the creation of FED, it’s all just a part of a huge pile of lies. Long time ago, money became worthless. Once, money could be guaranteed with gold. Now, money is being made out of thin air. And what that creates? Debt. An unimaginable amount of money is now owed. And what happens when debt crosses certain level? The whole system breaks down. So, when this happens what are people left with? What is the most valuable thing that can help our society rebuild itself? Knowledge. That is why a lot of projects are being secretly run in foreign countries. That is our only hope in case we don’t come to our senses before anything devastating happen. The only thing we can do to prevent that is protest. Protest, protest, protest. Watch out. The big brother is watching you.

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