Brewster game

It’s the day! The day we get to play a rematch against numer one team in the country. I got out of bed happy, ready to play. The whole day I wasn’t thinking about anything else. As the game was coming closer, I started feeling my stomach working, almost like I had butterflies in it. That’s it. We are in the locker room getting ready to play. My palms become sweaty, and I start to overthink. When we stepped on that court I was trying not to think about anything besides the ball, the rim and my teammates. But I forgot to think about myself. I made two fouls in range of 30 seconds. I was unable to play till the end of first half. The team played good. We played tough on defense, they couldn’t score at all. All of the points they made came from our offensive mistakes. It’s all good. We are down in the locker room with 20 more minutes to play against national champion, and we are tied. Not many schools can say that. I started to get relaxed. We’re up on the court again. We continue to play hard, but they still manage to press us on defense, so we kept making mistakes. I got to play again. I stepped on that court and tried my best to help the team. I played hard on defense, but I didn’t finish hard on offense. I kept telling myself it’s all good, reff gave me free throws. I made 3 out of 4, I was not satisfied. Then on the other end a guy 10 inches shorter than me got a rebound over me, and then both me and coach realized it’s not my day. He benched me for the rest of the game. The team couldn’t get any closer to the win. We lost. But we learned something from that loss. It doesn’t matter if we play good defense, we must still play good and mature offense. Photo cred South Kent School.



Simplicity of life

I have been thinking about life a lot lately. And all the advices I can remember other people gave me about life, and one of them made me think the most. Simplicity of life. Mankind has come great lengths making our lifes simple. Only in the past 50 years this world has gone through a lot of changes – human induced changes. We made cars that can get us from one city to another in matter of hours. Then we made airplanes that can take us from one continent to another in matter of hours. Then internet came and communication has changed like never before. It grants free calls, video calls between people on opposite sides of our planet. And only 50 years ago, it was a luxury being able to call a person who is 50 miles away from you. And how did our perception of life change. Do we value life as much as before? Not in a medical way, do we care about health, but in a much bigger, much more important way – how do we use our life. How do we use our life to contribute the society? The environment? How many people actually asks themself this questions? How many people care about needs of others? I don’t think a lot of people are aware of how lucky we are that we have this planet, that we live in this era, life has never been easier, and yet we refuse to do the simple things. In the age of computers we are still making excuses for not talking to our friends. People are forgetting simple manners, majority of people do not even care about meking new friends. There lies the problem with this modernday society. Everything seems to be superficial. Everything has to be done over computer. People are drafting away from each other. Life is the best when it’s simple. When you do the right thing every time, and you do all the small things that make you and everyone around you happy. Live simple. You’ll feel good.


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