College life is waiting for me. Honestly, I can’t wait to go to college, but at the same time I feel anxious about it. I don’t know how will I fit in on the campus where everyone will know me, because basketball is the most popular sport there and I will be a part of it. Being in a small town where you don’t know almost anyone, yet being known by almost everyone may seem like a joyful scenario but it seems scary. I hope I will get used to it as quick as possible.

I will be attending Stephen F Austin State University, in Texas. I have already been there, on a visit, and I like it very much. People seem very kind, which may be the case because of the beautiful weather, which honestly, can’t make you depressed. I visited their facilities and I have no remarks. It seems like a great school for academics. 

The basketball program is absolutely unbelievable. The things those guys have done in the past couple of years made them become one of the top 10 teams in the country in many categories: number of wins, attendance of their games, points scored, they have the most assists in the country. Impressive, right? And most of it is Coach Underwood’s accomplishment. He has done great things there since him, and his coaching staff came there two years ago. I can’t wait to join them in another pursuit for the National tournament!

One of the things I like the most is the presence of girls. This year was one of the weirdest years of my life. I have never been in a situation to go for multiple months without seeing a single girl. And during the visit, oh boy, I saw enough girls to replenish shortage of them during this year. Another thing that makes me want to go there as soon as possible. 

College is supposed to be the best part of my life. And I will make sure that it will be. I can feel anxious or impatient, but one thing is sure – college life is waiting for me.
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The end is near

The end of the schoolyear is getting close. Everybody seems to be relaxed, and honestly, I am too. There are not as many obigations now as there was in the fall term, and the winter term. But I know one thing – I will finish strong. There is only a  little bit over a month left in this schoolyear, and the only thing I have to focus on now is getting my GPA as high as it can be. 

That is the one thing I am telling my friends here – they should focus on school now. I know that they will regret it during the summer if their GPA is not as high as it could be. And honestly, there is not much stuff to do here besides studying. The least me and my friends can do is use the study hall to do our homework and study for a quiz. This educational system is made for us to succeed. We just need to keep working.

Although we don’t have as much classes as I have had while I was studying in Serbia, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I honestly think that the schol is much easier for me than it was last year, and years before that. And also my day was never busier. I am happy that we have enough time to catch up with our assignments, study hall is a very useful part of my day. 

The end of the school year is near, and there is no space for fooling around. The ultimate goal is the 4.0 GPA. 
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Difference between Serbian and American youth

I have spent almost a month in Serbia during my spring break, and I have noticed many good and bad things young Serbian people do. After spending seven months in the states, I really enjoyed a month back home. I have visited all of the schools I went to while living in Serbia, and I could see that things they are learning are on a much higher level than we are here in the USA. Some say it’s a good thing, some say it’s not. I personally believe that some of the things I had to learn while I was attending school in Serbia should also be taught here. Kids over there have much higher knowledge on such a wide variety of subjects. But I don’t agree with teaching kids some stuff they will never need in their life. So you could say that one difference between Serbian and American kids is that Serbian kids have much harder education.

Now, not everything is so great back there. The law controlling the sale of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes is not that tight. Hence, there are 15-year-olds (and even younger) who buy liquor and cigarettes. There are too many tobacco addicts in Serbia. Perhaps the reason for that is the price of one pack of cigarettes – between 1.5$ and 3$. People don’t need to waste too much money to enjoy some smoke. And get cancer. And stay drunk. And lose their livers. The problem doesn’t lie in their upbringing, it’s more of mentality. Since few centuries ago, while the turks were still present on the Balkans, people are passionate smokers. And also, during the medieval times, people were drinking beer more than water. It’s kind of part of our national tradition. But I don’t think that’s a good tradition, in fact I think that the state of the nation would be much better if the law controlling the sale of cigarettes and alcohol was tighter. That’s the second difference between these two countries’ youth. I am saying that because I know that here, in the USA, sale of those items is strictly prohibited for persons under age of 21. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Other minor differences are: Serbian kids don’t get cars. If you want a car YOU have to buy it, YOU have to make money for it. Serbian kids grow up faster. That is the one thing that was the most noticeable during my vacation. I could see in their eyes; they are grown-ups stuck in the bodies of teenagers. Well, most of them. Kids with rich parents are often being ridiculed by other kids because their are considered to be weak. Weak because of their dependence on their parents and their parents’ money. They remind me of american kids I have met here. But that’s OK. This is a different environment, with different values, and I am not saying it’s bad. I just don’t think that kids should be spoiled.

There are plenty of differences between these people. And nothing makes one group superior or inferior to the other one. Both of these groups have their qualities and imperfections, but have one thing in mind – we will never be teenagers again. There is too many responsibilities lying in front of us. This is the last time we are able to fool around, either Serbians or Americans. I am glad that I’m a part of both groups.

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