The Killers Of Life

Jovan Grujic

Climate Change

Throughout the history climate has been changing naturally. There are cycles called galcials and interglacials. We are currently living in Holocene, interglacial. We should be heading to a glacial now, but because of increasing amount of CO2 in our atmosphere, we aren’t.
The greenhouse gasses are essential for landlife on this big blue baskeball. And concetration of them in atmosphere made Earth liveable. Just a few tenths of percent up or down could make our planet either an icy rock, or a fireball. Thankfully, over the eons the percentage of the gasses in our atmosphere made life possible. The development of first simple one-celled organisms in the oceans, and then bonding each other, creating more complex organisms, made all of the life we know today. It made us.
We are not aware of how lucky we are. The geographical position of our planet, together with the composition of our atmosphere, is what makes us breathe. And what are we doing as the most advanced life-form on our planet? Speeding up our own extinction. Our planet will survive. It survived 4 major catastrophes by now, it’s got used to be devastated. And life survived every single one of them. Tardigrades, small tough motherfuckers. They can survive any condition. In boiling water, high pressure, low pressure, hundreds below zero temperatures. Our self-important view of life on this planet makes us believe that we are essential for it. We are here for such a small time, we don’t deserve to feel so superior. On a cosmic calendar (the whole history of the universe of 13.8 billion years, pressed intoo one year, Earth has been around for 4.5 billion years) the recorded history of human civilization takes up only 14 seconds.
So, speeding up our extinction. Due to the major corporations which profited alot from selling gas and oil, the development of natural energy was almost completely stopped. Because of the human nature, which tends to reach for the material profits, our lives are now greatly endangered. Burning the fossil fuels every day, releases bilions and bilions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually. The upgoigng concetration of greenhouse gasses is leading to great changes of the world as we know it. It will change the landscapes, raise the temperatures in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. I think that it would be justified if Earth just wants to get rid of us.
But luckilly, there are people working every day on raising awareness, and trying to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. As I have said before, Earth will survive. It’s only on the half of it’s lifetime. We are just an episode in it. We, as a civilization, must start realizing that we are harming ourselves the most. Greenhouse gasses must go down to a normal level, and we must start going towards a glacial.


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